Attractions and Activities

2.5 km to the Wasgamuwa National Park

Full view of Knuckles mountain range

Weheragala and Bhawanagala are within half a kilometre.

Dunuwila Tank is in front of the resort

Wasgamuwa National Park

You will have a holiday that will linger in your memory for a long time if you care to visit Wasgamuwa National park which is never devoid of visitors at any given time of the year. You have to visit the place to have an experience that will haunt you for a long time’ Wasgamuwa Park is maintained by the Wild Life department. Here you will see the elephant, leopard, the bear and deer and many more. You may fortunate to see the bear and leopard. If your holiday is during the rainy season, a four wheel jeep will do the rounds for you. The park also has 17 kinds of fish in its waters. 

If you can come round 14.00Hrs to Wasgamuwa National Park, it is the well suited time to visit National Park. Because most of the wild animals can be seen usually after 14.00Hrs.

Among those adding to the beauty of Wasgamuwa are Mahaweli, Kalu and Ambanganga with Muthuwangana Oya all of which pass through the National park.



Riverston, Pitawala pathan and Mini World's End

From Matale to Laggala which is the way you are passing if you are coming Wasgamuwa from the Matale –Riverston route is the stretch that gives a breathtaking view of the Western slopes of the range. Riverston and Mini World’s End are two main attractions of the area. And also Pitawala Pathana which is somewhat like Horton Planes is also an attraction not to be missed. There are a nice places like natural rock pools to bathe.

Most of the people don’t know how to arrive Wasgamuwa passing this scenic locations. Here is the way... If you come from Colombo, you have to come first Matale Town. Then come to Ratthota Town. It has located approximately 14 Km far away from the Mathale Town. Then start your trip to Wasgamuwa via Riverston. After the reverston Hill Area, you can reach to Vilgamuva, and Hettipola Town. Wasgamuwa Park has located 15 Km far away from the Hettipola Town.

Other attractions nearby

Apart from the main attraction there are many other attractions for foreign and Sri Lankan visitors.

Muthiyangana temple at Mahiyangana

The Sorabora Wewa

The ruins of the Weheragala temple, built by King Dutugemunu

Randenigala and Rantambe


Golden green paddy fields in Minipe

Favourite Activities

Wild life safari and Camping

Boating on the Dunuwila Lake


Cycling to remote villages

Visiting Veddhas at Dambana and get mixed with an undeveloped
        society based on the jungle